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Printing Knowledge

Commonly used terms design and printing


[Bleeding] For some patterns that need to cross the edge of the paper, they need to exceed the cutting line by 3mm during plate making, and leave the cutting deviation. This excess is called "bleeding".

【Overprinting】One kind of ink is directly superimposed on another kind of ink.

【White Leakage】Due to the inaccurate color registration during printing, the white gap of the paper may be leaked out.

[Trap Whitening] In order to prevent whitening during plate making, the color junction is deliberately "expanded" to reduce the impact of inaccurate overprinting.

[Format] A format is a large format of books and periodicals bound into a volume.

[Title page] A single page with the title of the book, the name of the publisher, and the name of the author printed under the backing paper. In some books and periodicals, the backing paper and the title page are printed and bound together (ie, the package page) is called the title backing page.

[Tiantou] The top line of the text of the book and the white space at the top edge of the page.

[Foot] The bottom line of the book text to the blank space at the bottom edge of the page.

[Subscription] refers to the position of the book and periodicals that should be subscribed.


[Neat mouth] One side (long side) of the PS plate is about 7cm inserted into the edge of the printing plate cylinder and fixed. This position reserved on the plate is called the bite position.

[Reflexive plate] After printing one side, the plate is not changed, and the paper is turned over to continue printing on the back side.

[Flying ink] The ink consistency is not enough, the printing machine rotates fast, and the centrifugal force causes the ink dots to splash.

[Clamping] Too much paper is clamped between the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder, triggering a safety sensor to stop the printing press.

[Turn on] The printing machine stopped rotating due to an accident, mostly due to misfeeds or double feeds triggering the safety device.

[Over the bottom] A term for printing accidents, which means that the ink layer is too thick to dry, which contaminates the back of the paper pressed on it.

[Proofing] A proofing draft for reference in official printing.

【Feida】refers to the conveying device for paper feeding of the printing machine.


[Breaks] The cuts of the pages are damaged after the book block is cut.

【Glue】The part of the signature that is glued when the scattered pages of the signature are glued together. Usually, glue is applied to the edge of the signature according to a certain width with the crease line of the last fold as the reference line.

[Folding line] The folding line of printed book pages during folding processing.

[Back milling] A process in which the back of the book block is milled into a groove with a milling cutter to facilitate the penetration of glue.

[Knife flower] Uneven knife marks appear on the incision.

[Small pages] The pages in the signature that are smaller than the cut size.

【White pages】Due to printing accidents, one or both sides of the pages are not printed with imprints.

[Leck] The front edge of the cover of a paperback book is about 20~30mm wider than the front edge of the book block, and the cover is folded inward along the front edge of the book block.

[Indentation] Use steel wire to emboss on the paper to make a mark or leave a groove for bending.

[Ring lining] The lining paper that connects the book block and the cover.

[Mao Ben] A book block with three sides uncut.

【Light Book】The book block cut on three sides.

【Rounded round】The process of processing the back of the book block into an arc shape before the hardcover book is put on the case.

【Round Back】A kind of hardcover, the back of the book is made into a certain arc surface.

[Garden Position] The curvature of the back arc surface of a hardcover book.

【Square Back】A kind of hardcover. The back of the book is straight and perpendicular to the front cover and back cover.

【Cut Cloth】A special product pasted on both ends of the top and foot of the back of the hardcover book block.

[Whole surface] The surface material of the full book case is also called a whole piece.

[Interface] The surface material of the half-faced book case is not a whole piece, usually one material is used for the front cover and the back cover, and another material is used for the waist of the book.

【Spine up】Before loading the hardcover book case, press the book block tightly with a splint, and place it on the front and back sides of the book block. The process of pressing a convex mark near the connecting edge of the spine and the ring liner to make the spine slightly bulge outward.

[Floating mouth] refers to the part where the book block is cut out from the cover of the book after the hardcover books and periodicals are combined.

【Angle】Wrap a layer of leather or fabric on the two corners of the front mouth of the book cover.

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