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Printing Knowledge

How to improve printing efficiency ?

In the printing and packaging industry, how to quickly improve printing efficiency is a topic that every printing industry must discuss. Today, Hongda Printing and Packaging Editor has compiled a few knowledge sharing about improving printing efficiency for you. I hope it can be useful for you. Help~

Hope it can be helpful to you~

1. Improve equipment availability

Reducing the debugging time of printing equipment can effectively improve the working efficiency of printing equipment. Just as the factory can process 10 orders per day with a single printing device, and a single change of order time is 10 minutes, the daily downtime for a single printing machine to change orders can be as high as 100 minutes. If the change time can be reduced to 5 minutes , Then it will save 50 minutes of time and achieve a multiplier effect.

Second, make full preparations before printing

1. Prepare the ink needed for printing equipment

The ink is delivered from the warehouse and the pH value, viscosity and hue of the ink are checked to see if they meet the standards.

PH value:

Directly control the adsorption capacity of printing on paper, especially for dot overprinting;


One of the key factors to control the quality of printed products, if the viscosity is too high, there will be unclear printing, deinking, etc.;


If you don't check the hue, if you find that the ink is incorrect, then you can clean the ink, which will result in the loss of 2kg of ink and the time of stopping the ink for more than 15 minutes.

2. Prepare the printing plate required by the printing equipment

If you do not check the condition of the printing plate and start the machine, it is very likely that the printing plate will not work due to misalignment of the printing plate, large abrasion of the printing plate, etc., resulting in at least 30min and 2-4kg of ink wastage loss. The following are three points to avoid method:

①The staff in the printing room take the printing plate according to the production schedule and send it to the printing machine;

②Personnel holding plate shall conduct basic inspection of printing plate first;

③Check whether there is stain or abrasion on the layout, then send it to the machine and check whether the printing plate number is correct or not;

3. Preparation of cardboard

If the ink and the printing plate are already on the machine, but the cardboard is not ready, it may cause the printing equipment to change the order and wash the ink, which will affect the work efficiency. The following are two ways to avoid:

①Check the production progress of the cardboard, whether it can be used normally, and avoid the phenomenon of no cardboard printing after other preparations are completed.

② Arrange the production schedule of cardboard according to production needs.

Summary: Doing the above three preparations will reduce our on-site downtime by about 20%. Only by controlling the details can we gradually improve the efficiency of the printing press.

3. Synchronous management of internal and external tasks

Internal tasks:

It is necessary to stop and wait for actions such as changing the printing plate and adjusting the position of the crimping wheel. Assume that a piece of equipment is in charge of a total of 4 people, 1 captain and 3 operators.

① Shorten the connection time from the shutdown of the previous order to the time before the machine is turned on again;

②Reduce the repetitive action time of the three operators taking the tools repeatedly after the completion of the previous order;

③Prepare the printing plates, gaskets and inks to be replaced in advance, and place them in the printing unit to be replaced;

④Adjust the process parameters of the next work order according to the data records on the process card, and make adjustments after putting on the machine.

⑤Strengthen the cooperation awareness of the printing equipment working group and concentrate manpower to complete internal events.

External tasks:

Activities that can be performed during the production of cartons by the equipment, such as preparing printing plates, inks, and inking.

① After the last order is completed, follow-up work should be completed quickly, and the stacker should be adjusted to prepare the pallet;

② Reasonably arrange staff's work flow to reduce waiting time.



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