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High grade hardcover box 3D bronzing technology knowledge sharing

High grade hardcover box 3D bronzing technology knowledge sharing ; In recent years, with the people on the appearance of goods packaging and quality requirements, printing technology, packaging technology has made great progress, Postpress technology has made a thriving development, and Dian Hualv hot stamping as India Part of the processing, the changes over the past few years is huge. New technology, new technology and the continuous use of a variety of technologies, packaging printed matter after hot stamping in the gloss, three-dimensional, metallic, anti-counterfeiting performance have achieved good results, especially the current application more and more Extensive three-dimensional hot stamping technology, so that the packaging of goods is high-grade exquisite, magnificent and full of personality. At present the technology is mainly used for greeting cards, bookmarks, trademarks, alcohol and tobacco packaging and a variety of high-grade packaging.

Bronzing and three-dimensional bronzing

 1. bronzing

 Bronzing is the use of a certain pressure and temperature, the use of stamping machine installed in the stencil, so that printed matter and hot stamping plate in a short time pressure, the metal foil or color pigment foil according to the stamping template graphic requirements, printed The process of the surface of the material being hot. As the hot stamping is mainly gold and silver, so often called bronzing. This technology is to increase the label, trademarks, packets, wine packages and a variety of high-grade packaging visual effects and grade of the important process. Its process can be divided into the first after the Indian and India after the first hot. After the first post-printing is printed on the blank in the first hot stamping on the aluminum foil layer, and then printed on the surface of the aluminum foil graphic, and more for the need for large-scale hot stamping packaging printed matter. And the first printed after the hot is printed on the print, the need for hot stamping parts on the need for hot stamping patterns, which is currently widely used in a process. From the hot stamping method, which can be divided into hot stamping technology and cold stamping technology. Hot stamping technology is mentioned above requires a certain temperature and pressure to complete the transfer of aluminum foil foil printing process. Cold stamping technology is through the Uv adhesive coating in the printed matter need to hot stamping parts, the electro-foil will be transferred to a certain pressure to the surface of the packaging process. These two methods have their own characteristics, to meet the requirements of different products.

2. Three-dimensional bronzing

  Three-dimensional bronzing technology is a combination of bronzing technology and embossing technology, a combination of technology, is the use of corrosion or engraving technology will be bronzing and pressure of the rhetoric made into a top and bottom with the concave and concave version of the male version, to achieve bronzing and Embossed embossing technology once completed the process. This process is completed at the same time bronzing and pressure bump, reducing the processing and overprint are not allowed to produce waste, improve the productivity and product quality.

  As the three-dimensional bronzing is the combination of bronzing and embossing technology, the formation of the product effect is relief-like three-dimensional pattern, can not be printed on it, it must be used before the hot process, and because of its high precision And high quality requirements, not suitable for cold stamping technology, and more suitable for hot stamping technology.

  Three - dimensional bronzing technology and characteristics

  Three-dimensional bronzing technology is very different from the ordinary bronzing, in addition to the formation of relief-like three-dimensional pattern, the plate, temperature control and pressure control are different.

1. Plate making

  (1) ordinary hot plate version

  High-quality hot-pressing version is the guarantee of the quality of stamping, ordinary hot stamping version of the production is relatively simple, mainly using photographic corrosion plate making process and electronic sculpture plate making process. Commonly used plates are copper or zinc. Copper plate due to delicate texture, smooth surface, good heat transfer performance, wear pressure, not easy to deformation, is the mainstream hot plate version. The use of high-quality copperplate can improve the gloss and clarity of hot stamping. While the number of hot stamping less, the quality requirements of the packaging is not high when the printing can also be used zinc printing.

  Photographic corrosion plate making is a traditional production method, the process is simple, low cost, low precision, mainly for text, thick lines and quality requirements of the image is not high. The electronic engraving production of hot stamping plate can be rich and delicate performance of the image level, the fine lines and uneven thickness of the text can be a good reproduction, but the relative cost is higher.

(2) three-dimensional hot stamping plate

  Stereo hot plate version of the production principle and the ordinary hot plate version, but more complex than the ordinary version, because it is necessary to form three-dimensional relief patterns, hot stamping plates are generally concave, but also with the depth of the level of change, the depth than ordinary hot Printing plate deep, more accurate. At present, the main use of the domestic copper foil corrosion method. The advantages of this method is low cost, simple process, but it is only applicable to the flat bronzing, due to three-dimensional sense of poor, short life, resistance to India only about 100,000 India, so commonly used in some relief effect is not high packaging Product only.

(3) bottom mold relief

  Three-dimensional bronzing is different from the ordinary bronzing, ordinary bronzing floor is flat, do not need special production, and three-dimensional bronzing of the bottom plate must be with the hot plate version corresponding to the male version, that is, Is raised, and the height of the protrusion and the depth of the stamping plate is the corresponding. The method of making the bottom pattern is similar to that of the embossed embossing, and the commonly used materials are gypsum and glass fiber. If the use of gypsum is required to complete the production on the machine, so the process is more complex, replace the background version of the trouble, but the cost is low, and now more commonly used in the country. If you use glass fiber can be pre-made according to the bronzing version of the model, and with the processing of copper production positioning hole, easy to change the positioning.

Bottom letter relief is to match the stamping to form a three-dimensional relief pattern, which must accurately correspond to the hot plate. But the three-dimensional bronzing is different from embossing, embossed most do not need to heat, and three-dimensional bronzing must be high temperature heating. In the hot stamping, with the temperature, hot stamping plate will be inflated, and the bottom of the toppan version of the temperature is basically the same, which will cause the hot stamping plate and the end of the lettering does not match, resulting in crushing the bottom mold Or can not hot stamping phenomenon. Therefore, in the production of the end of the lettering plate to fully consider the expansion of the hot plate version to produce a precise bottom mold relief.

 Bronzing and embossed embossing technology are traditional finishing technology, packaging and decoration is an indispensable process, and now the combination of the two together, not only reduces the production process, improve the production efficiency, the quality of goods packaging, Decorating effect and security features have been greatly improved. So this technology is now showing a strong momentum of development, with all aspects of the conditions mature, it will gradually replace the original must be bronzing and embossed two processes to form a three-dimensional golden pattern of the process. Three-dimensional bronzing process will be a very promising decoration in the field of packaging and decoration.


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