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3D Lenticular printing process four points

Dongguan grand Rise printing network (LXPACK.COM) editor special finishing three-dimensional printing process four basic characteristics and applications for users to exchange learning;

(1): 3D Lenticular photography
Commonly used to shoot three-dimensional printing of the original method there are two:
      (1) arc three-dimensional photography: the cylindrical lens board mounted in front of the photographic film, the camera's optical axis at the center of the subject to the angle of 3 ~ l0 degrees of circular motion, the camera before the light plate and The photographic plates are randomly moved synchronously, and after exposure, each pixel is focused on each half cylinder of the grating plate. When the camera finishes shooting at a predetermined distance, the pixels are filled with the entire pitch and are rinsed to obtain stereoscopic photographs.

(2) Shutter movement method: When shooting, the shutter movement distance is about the distance between the two eyes (60mm), while the grid plate also moves accordingly, moving distance is a pitch (0.6mm).
(2): plate making
Three-dimensional printing plate in the process need to pay attention to the following:
(1) three-dimensional photo is usually used in offset printing plate method, taking into account the three-dimensional image pixel fine and cylindrical grating amplification, cable density of not less than 300 lines / inch.
(2) As the three-dimensional original material is composed of a tightly arranged pixels, the plate, after printing but also composite pillar board, so the three-dimensional printing and ordinary color printing grid angle is different, in order to avoid moire, From the three-dimensional printing to have different yellow, magenta, green, black four-color version of the network combination angle, which, green version and black version can be the same angle, if the three-color ink printed on the neutral gray, Four times to bring the error, you do not have to print black version.
(3): printing
Used for three-dimensional printing of paper must be close, smooth, smooth, scalability is small, easy to fade after ink.
Generally use high-precision four-color printing presses, and the workshop to have constant temperature and humidity conditions.
Step four: composite pillar plate
After printing, the surface needs to be covered with a mirror plate, only three-dimensional sense. Cylindrical lens grille with hard plastic and soft plastic two, large format when the use of hard plastic.


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