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 Dongguan Printing in Grand Rise, Printing in China, Asia for less can save 30%. Grand Rise Printing is a full service Lenticular Printing , Plastic(PVC, PP,PET)products and Paper Products Printing company in Dongguan China. Brief information about us: GR Printing is a China Printing Company providing Full UV Offset Printing Services of Plastic Printing and paper products. Printing product ranges from 3D Lenticular Card , Lenticular Sticker , 3D Images Painting , 3D Lenticular Box , Morphing Notebook , Flipping Bookmark , Zooming Logo , 3D Soft PVC Bag , Soft PVC Cover , PVC Cosmetic Bag , Plastic( PVC, PP,PET ) Box , Custom Color Box , Wine Box , Pop-ups Board Book, Children's Books printing , Magazines, Commercial Label , Greeting PostCards, Page-A-Day Calendars, Wall Calendars , NWire-O Books, Gift Box and etc. See our Products Pages for more informat...


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Business brochures are generally paper materials as a direct carrier to corporate culture, corporate products for the dissemination of content, is the most direct, the most vivid, the most effective forms of publicity, brochures is an indispensable information for corporate propaganda, it can Very good combination of corporate characteristics, clearly express the contents of the brochure, quickly convey the information in the brochure, brochure design is the focus of a good brochure, including ring lining, title page, preface, directory, Also includes the cover back cover design. The brochure design emphasizes a sense of the whole, from the format of the brochure, the art of writing, and the changes in catalogs and layouts, from the arrangement of pictures to the setting of colors, from the selection of materials to the quality of the printing process Consider and plan, and then reasonable to mobilize all the design elements, they will be organically integrated together to serve the enterprise content.


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